Sanctions are not going to be lifted in the absence of normal relations with the West and we cannot have normal relations without re-engagement and there will be no re-engagement without reforms which will bring some kind of acceptable resemblance between our political culture and values with those of the West. The West usually enjoy good relations with nations that follow democratic traditions and values similar to theirs. Zanupf has good relations with nations averse to democracy and with shady leadership.

There is no short cut here and the sooner Mnangagwa and Zanupf realise this the better for them.

Mr Mugabe put Zimbabwe on the path to economic catastrophe and perdition with the suicidal racist language he used against the West and the revolting images of violence on the farms and violent elections which naturally put off not just investors but visitors to Zimbabwe. Populist policies like indeginization economically isolated Zimbabwe even from its traditional allies like China, with foreigners being told to fuck off and that they could not own companies in Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa has continued on the path of his destructive predecessor by even things like that cyber security bill which is nothing but an attempt to police political discourse on the Internet. He talks reforms but doesn’t walk reforms.

It is Zanupf that needs first of all to remove the many domestic restrictions that they, Zanupf, imposed on the people of Zimbabwe before foreigners remove any form of sanctions they might have imposed. The cyber security act is a ZIDERA on Zimbabweans which places restrictions on their Internet usage and freedom of expression.

Corruption is still very much everywhere with Mnangagwa appointing his close friend’s wife to lead in the fight against it which is itself to a large extent corrupt! Mnangagwa’s private jet adventures and their consumption of very scarce foreign currency are corrupt in that there are certain people getting very rich of them and that includes the Vice president’s wife.

Even if ZIDERA and other restrictions are removed this will not extricate Zimbabwe from the critical economic condition it has been in for decades.

It is Zanupf’s rotten rule and their rotten leadership that resulted in the rotten mess in Zimbabwe. Zanupf must get its act together before expecting to be treated differently and better. The system Mr Mugabe created must be dismantled and destroyed and a new one which is people friendly erected.

Stop wasting people’s time with nonsense like that October 25th nothing.

It is you who must change and not the West. Imi ndimi matambudza vanhu not sanctions. It was you who looted Chiadzwa and government coffers not sanctions. It is you who killed people in 2008 and destroyed homes in Murambatsvina. It is you who perpetrated Gukurahundi.

It is you who have caused all this suffering.

Imi ndimi varoyi, mbavha nemhondi dzisinga nyare.

stanley goreraza