In a case in which Marry Mubaiwa is being accused of attempting to murder her former husband, VP Constantino Chiwenga, a witness told the court yesterday that he had not seen the former model removing an intravenous injection from the ex-army general.

Mubaiwa is said to have allegedly tried to kill VP Chiwenga at a time he was seeking medical treatment in South Africa.

She denies the charges.

Charges against Mubaiwa arose in 2019 when she allegedly tried to kill Chiwenga who was critically ill and admitted at a hospital in Pretoria.

Prosecutors allege that she unplugged life saving devices including an IV and a catheter, from Chiwenga’s body resulting in profuse bleeding.

It is alleged that Mubaiwa had previously forced Chiwenga to stay at a hotel overnight, denying him treatment for about 24 hours.

She is also said to tried to delay Chiwenga from being flown to China for medical treatment.