If there is one industry that is constantly working towards bringing information to consumers, it is the marketing industry. The pressure, work and commitment that goes into marketing helps keep the industry alive and seeking to do more. While customers evolve, the marketing industry continues to search for and formulate ways to bring information, advertising and other marketing related services to them, making the industry open for more positions. How can you, as a business or business manager, keep up with the ever-evolving tastes of customers while staying authentic? In this article, we explore ways to keep up with these changes, how to stay relevant as a brand and ways you can upskill in order to place your business on marketing media that will reach your target audience. 

Communication Is Key

Because customers are your main source of feedback, it is important to check in with them from time to time. Ensure that you create a medium or space where you can communicate with your customers to get feedback on your products or services. This will not only give you an opportunity to hear first-hand reviews from people who bought your products, but you will also show your customers that you care about your product and them. Create review spaces if you sell your products online so that potential customers can also see feedback from people who buy your products. Openness is one of the best ways to win customers. 

Remember: always strive to solve your customers’ problems if you receive any complaints. It shows professionalism. You can learn more about how to communicate or reach your customers from a digital marketing online short course that offers effective digital marketing strategy, which is key if you want to ensure that your brand remains visible and competitive in the modern market.


Read The Room 

Remember, you are selling to people. Your conversions rely on how your target audience sees you and your brand. If there are causes you are passionate about, you should make them known. Customers love knowing that they are buying into a product that supports the things they support because everyone wants to make the world better. If there is backlash regarding a product or service of yours that is being discussed openly on social media, take accountability. This kind of relatability and connectedness can be adopted in your business if you employ the services of a public relations (PR) manager or if you take up an online short course in it. If you want to be recognised as a tactical and pre-emptive PR manager, you can learn about ways to positively impact their bottom line and win the hearts of your customers. 

Surprise And Delight 

When customers are surprised and delighted by new experiences, even long-held beliefs can change, making customers more willing to repeat the behaviour. An example; 68% of SA Consumers are shopping more online since the start of the pandemic, according to a study done by financial services provider MasterCard. This means that more people found the online shopping experience to be a pleasant surprise, especially during trying times. As a business, tapping into convenient and preferred ways of offering your product or service can keep you afloat. Sell on food delivery apps, offer online consultations, and better ways of bringing your product to your target audience. Many people don’t mind paying delivery fees when buying online, but offering it as a free service upon a certain amount purchased can also help you gain customers. You can employ smart ways and ideas in your business with a marketing online short course. This way, you can be the one in charge of the most important part of the business – customers. 

Some Psychological Factors 

There are four psychological factors that influence consumer behaviour: Motivation, perception, learning, and attitude or belief system. They speak to the internal needs of the consumer. Understanding how to motivate your customer is a powerful tool. The way your target customer perceives the world or learns about your product, whether online or in person, can also influence behaviour and attitude. For example, some people learn best visually. Professional pictures and images of your product or service can communicate a thousand words, regardless of belief system. This explains why pictures and images are so important for marketing. Consumers make purchase decisions every day. When they make a decision about your product, they’re thinking about solving a need. That need may be driven by a variety of factors. Each of the factors listed above can be tied back to ways a business can leverage its storefront or website to increase the probability of a sale. Keep these factors in mind when designing your marking materials. 

There are new online short courses that give you an even more detailed look at how you can reach your customers. For example, a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) online short course can give you a detailed introductory look into ways you can reach your customers through keywords and tonality skills. Understanding how to harness the power of search engine optimisation (SEO) to market your business is essential to support its online presence and ultimate success. 

Upskill Or Hire; Win-Win 

Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to obtain some of the qualifications needed to grow your business. Online short courses have become a favourite among entrepreneurs as they are manageable, affordable and offer practical skills for them to learn. You can invest in upskilling yourself or a member of your staff in the online short courses for the marketing industry. This way, you will have someone in-house handling all the relevant customer and marketing needs. You can also choose to hire people qualified in this field and contribute to job creation. It’s a win either way. Always ensure you hire people that share the same values and whose goals align with yours so that the business can grow.


Final Thoughts 

Growing customer loyalty and encouraging brand advocacy are the ultimate goals of customer-centric marketing. However, with innovations in technology constantly disrupting the market, and consumer behaviour balancing on a shifting scale, marketers need updated skills to stay ahead of the curve. Marketing online short courses offer flexible learning in order to achieve that goal and stay connected to your customers while sourcing new ones. Enrol today and change the way you do business.