Latest reports have suggested that former cabinet minister Sylvester Nguni’s mother, who succumbed to Covid-19 last week, contracted the virus after she reportedly came into contact with a one Christopher Chitemere, her relative who is also allegedly related to Harare city council Director of Health Prosper Chonzi.
According to a report in one online publication, Chitemere is now wanted by Zimbabwean police in connection with how the late Gogo Nguni contracted the deadly virus that led to her demise.
Chitemere reportedly landed in the capital Harare from his United Kingdom base on April 11 aboard an Ethiopian Airline ET 863 and upon arrival, he was immediately whisked to Zipam, a Covid-19 quarantine facility in Norton, together with other returnees.
It is further alleged that, instead of staying at the quarantine facility for the stipulated 21 days, Chitemere was unprocedurally released from Zipam. Chonzi has since distanced himself from facilitating Chitemere’s unsanctioned release.
After his release, Chitemere is said to have invited Gogo Nguni who he reportedly calls ‘tete’ (aunt) to his residence in leafy Borrowdale. Suspicion is now rife that she could have contracted the deadly virus upon getting in contact with Chitemere.
However Chonzi said there was absolutely no relationship between Chitemere and Gogo Nguni.