A Zimbabwe High Court Judge has lost two family members in a traffic road accident.

 On Saturday afternoon tragedy struck as Masvingo High Court Judge, Justice Mawadze lost his wife, a sister-in-law and driver in a heartbeat.

 Justice Mawadze’s wife Locadia (nee Matenhere) who was the deputy head at Lord Malvern High in Harare, her sister-in-law Shamiso Matenhere, a teacher at Zimre Park Primary School in Harare and the driver Threetimes Mudziviri died in a horrific accident about 10km from Mvuma as they drove from Gutu towards the Mawadze  family farm, 10km after Mvuma towards Harare.

Mawadze and Matenhere were thrown out of the car during the sudden accident.

 A shattered Justice Mawadze confirmed the tragedy to the media.