A Gweru based community newspaper journalist, Elizabeth Mashiri recently torched a war with fellow journos in the Midlands after she recently maliciously accused all scribes in the province of having been paid by a prominent private developer some money.

Mashiri who is reportedly being handled and used by a member of a commission of inquiry into the sale of state land currently in the Midlands has been so desperate to please her handler to the point of breaking the covenant to attack fellow journalists.

The cub reporter who is set to wed this August is said to have had her dark past and fellow journos have been since the weekend having a “party” circulating her gloom past including her alleged affair with his own boss, Mathew Takaona.

“She is stupid, she is trying to paint herself a saint and at the same moment forgetting that the higher a monkey climbs a tree, the more it exposes its genitals, we will also expose her,” quipped one angry journalist in another post.

The journos allege that only last week, Mashiri who has since sent out invitations for a wedding with her Harare based would be husband, spent days with her old boyfriend booked at a leafy hotel in Gweru.

“She must have been writing her trash while in the comfort of a hotel where they were booked the whole of last week. This man who is set to wed her must be taken for a ride, he is based in Harare and doesn’t even know that Mashiri is pregnant. He is being fooled by this woman, ” another post read.

Gweru Journalists came out guns blazing against Mashiri exposing her illicit love affair with her boss. We all know that Mashiri who is yet to wed in August has an affair with her own boss who is based in Masvingo and only last week they spent the four days in Gweru together booked at a leafy hotel, said a member of the Gweru Press Club who declined to be named.

Mashiri is said to be related to one Petronella Kagonye a member of the commission who has been filling her with information that Gweru Jurnos were giving the commission a blackout.

This is despite the fact that both The Herald and Zbc carried stories of the commission but Mashiri went on to maliciously accuse all journalists in the Midlands province of having been bribed by Mrs Smelly Dube not to report on the findings of the land commission.

“Its a fact that theirs is a community newspaper and there are no ethics, they just write malicious things and publish knowing that their paper is not known. the abuse of journalists in their little paper uncalled for” said another journo

When reached for comment both Mashiri and Takaona denied ever having a love affair and argued that those rumors are meant to destroy Mashiri’s marriage.