The First Lady Grace Mugabe has refuted claims that she leads a faction in the ruling Zanu PF party known by the name G40.

Speaking at the Presidential Youth Interface rally in Bindura today, Dr Mugabe said knows that a faction named Lacoste exists, but there is nothing on the group pointing to a G40 faction.

“I was pissed off yesterday, when Betty Mutero accused me of leading a faction in Zanu PF called G40. She also accused me of poisoning Vice President Mnangagwa, then pave way for Vice President Mphoko to take over power on an acting basis before handing it over to me. I am loyal to my husband, so why this talk when the President is still there?” said Dr Mugabe.

Dr Mugabe reiterated that when the President sees it fit and when the time is ripe, he will name his successor, adding that she respects his husbands and all his appointees.

She also reprimanded Kazembe Kazembe for pushing for the ouster of Saviour Kasukuwere.

“Kezembe Kazembe huya pano, iwe wanga wakateya kuita Chairman? Kazembe ndiVice waVaDickson Mafios. Iwe wakabuda paTV uchiti pasi naKasukuwere, anga akutadzirei?” she saked.

Mugabe urged Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stop all interaction with expelled members of the party and those pushing the factional agenda.

“Maybe Mnangagwa would have promised to protect those pushing for the Lacoste agenda. Then sometimes he changes his mind and becomes afraid to do so. Ngatirege kumhanya, leadership comes from God,” she said.

The First Lady took a swipe at ‘malicious’ claims that Gushungo Dairy ice cream caused the health problems suffered by Cde Mnangagwa recently, saying everyone falls sick at some point.

“Isu tinorwara but we don’t make noise about it.  Baba vakamborwara, vaita food poisoning kwaMutare, manga musingazvizivi nekuti hatina kumbozvitaura. Taenda kunobata maoko kwa Amai Edna Madzongwe, baba vakaita diarrhea continuous vakaita madays. Hatina kumboita noise nezvazvo. I suffered food poisoning in 2013 and lost about 5kgs that night because of diarrhea, but I never accused anyone. Ndakatsikwa nemota ini asi ndirimunhu anotya Mwari and I don’t want to accuse anyone for mhosva yaasina kuita, kuti hehe driver akasimudza mota ndisati ndapinda,” she said.