Information has been leaking from highly placed sources within the ruling ZANU PF party that the ousted former vice president Joice Mujuru is still in actual fact working closely with a faction of ZANU PF.

It is alleged that Mujuru is being paid to make sure that the coalition of opposition parties under Mugabe’s only serious threat and erstwhile rival, Dr M R Tsvangirai never take off the ground.

Fearing a humiliating defeat in 2018 elections, especially after opposition parties are demanding electoral reforms ahead of the watershed election, the ruling ZANU PF party has roped in Dr Mujuru, said the source.

Mujuru is tasked with destroying the coalition of opposition parties by forming an own coalition herself with other parties and members from especially MDC T who have expressed displeasure towards the coalition.

Targeted are Tsvangirai’s top lieutenants, vice president Khupe, National Chair Moyo and Organising Secretary Bhebhe. The talks between the trio and Mujuru are said to have started long back and as a result the trio boycotted a fundraising dinner party that was organised by a senior member L Timveous in Harare which was meant to raise money for the charismatic leader’s health bill.

Mujuru is expecting to be rewarded with ZANU PF leadership after the retirement or death of Mugabe, by a clique within the ruling party who are not prepared to work under either Munangagwa’s Lactoste or Grace’s G40.

The members of the opposition party are gullibly being used by Mujuru who would dump them at the last minute to revert to her beloved ZANU PF. This will not be the first time that this scenario happens in Zimbabwean politics.

In the 90s Edgar Tekere fooled the electorate after he was sent by Mugabe to test their level of resentment towards the party. After gaining too much ground for Mugabe’s comfort, Tekere was withdrawn from the assignment leaving a lot of people exposed and the electorate hopeless. Munangagwa did the same in the Tsholotsho debacle leaving seven provincial chairpersons exposed and ultimately fired.

Knowing that the fractured ruling party is heading for an embarrassing defeat in 2018 election, the ‘expulsion’ of Mujuru from the ruling party became a blessing in disguise. In a typical, ‘ turn your mistake into a design’ Mujuru was persuaded to join opposition politics for a big reward in return. Her antics were suspected by some members of ZIM PF whom she fired before she was exposed.

Now that some mouths are beginning to open, it shall be seen how far Mujuru and ZANU PF’s cunning tricks will prevailed. Regardless of the results, the anticipated grand coalition has been given a slight blow already as brother is turned against brother by the shrewd veteran politician Robert Gabriel Mugabe. stephen jakes