Govt officials confirm Mnangagwa whereabouts…mum on worsening health 

Contrary to earlier media reports suggesting that former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is hiding at some unknown locations in Zimbabwe, several high ranking officials have revealed that the once feared Midlands godfather is now in Mozambique.

While the mission of Mnangagwa remains unknown, Zanu PF Secretary for Administration Dr Ignatius Chombo today denounced  EDM  whom he says it is understood he skipped the border to the neighbouring Mozambique.

This was said in front of thousands at Zanu PF solidarity rally in Harare.

Manicaland Provincial Minister, Mandi Chimene also announced at ZANU PF HQ today that Mnangagwa was last seen attempting to ‘jump’ the eastern border into Mozambique.

Minister Savior Kasukuwere’s brother Dickson Mafios echoed the same when he told Zanu PF supporters that the under siege Mnangagwa is now in Mozambique.

 Said Mafios, “Mnangagwa jumped the boarder and is now in Mozambique.”

Mafios also says Mnangagwa must be investigated for embezzling command agriculture funds.

His claims contradict earlier reports that Mnangagwa was stopped from leaving the country through Forbes Border Post.

Government sources say Mnangagwa’s health has taken a turn for the worst and he is desperately trying to link up with his South African physician, Doctor Motora of Milpark Clinic, South Africa.

Meanwhile, Mugabe has also used today’s rally to explain the fall of Mnangagwa;

“People were ferried from Kwekwe using school buses to come and boo Amai and cheer VaMnangagwa as a way of trying to portray him as popular.

“What led to the expulsion of former VP Mnangagwa is what caused Mai Mujuru to be shown the exit,” says President Mugabe.

Mujuru, according to President Mugabe wanted to compete with him. But Mnangagwa played the loyalty card yet scheming and aligning people for future take over.

He would mislead people and if what he told them does not come to fruition, he would conjur up other lies again. zimnewsnet