A 37-year-old Zhomba man has been slapped with a 30-year jail sentence after being convicted of raping his 16-year old daughter for ritual purposes, the court heard.

It is the state’s case that sometime in January this year, the father sneaked into his daughter’s room while she was asleep.

The complaint heard that someone had entered the room and switched on the lights, only to realise that her father had joined her in bed.

Prosecutor Kennedy Madekutsikwa told the court the father instructed her to keep quiet before proceeding to rape her.

The court further heard that after the incident, the father threatened to unleash a bad omen on the girl if she was to somehow expose him.

The matter came to light when the complainant’s mother noticed some behavioural changes in the minor and questioned her before she spilt the beans.

In passing judgement, Gokwe regional magistrate, Mr Lungile Ncube said the man had breached the trust bestowed upon him as a father and showed the highest level of cruelty.

The father was sentenced to 30 years in prison but will serve an effective 25 years behind bars after five years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.