All is not well for 200 villagers in ward 25, Fox Farm, Matobo district who are set to be evicted this week after receiving notice of eviction orders from the lands commission.

According to Newsday , the Villagers are claiming that they voted Zanu-PF since 2008 and helped the party return the Matobo parliamentary seat from MDC but now they are being dumped.

“Since we came here, we have been voting for Zanu PF for the Matobo parliamentary seat which was predominantly a Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) seat, it now belongs to Zanu PF, they are now dumping us.” said one villager who chose anonymity.

Another villager, Frank Sibanda said he suspects that they are being sacrificed to pave way for other prominent people in that community.

Matobo district administrator, Obey Chaputsira on Monday confirmed serving villagers with eviction orders.

“Yes, they are being evicted, they are illegal settlers. The number is too big; I can only come out with the statistics after we are done with the process. We should be done mid this week,’’ Chaputsira said.

The 200 villagers were last week made to sign eviction orders by the Lands Commission to vacate their settlements within seven days of notice.