Shadowy facebook character Stanley Goreraza through an open letter has told President Emmerson Mnangagwa to fix the economy before he is slowly but surely removed from power by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa with the help of a disgruntled youthful Zimbabwe National Army.

The open letter reads : Dear President Mnangagwa.

You have inadvertently made Nelson Chamisa popular. The more the economy worsens, the more popular Nelson Chamisa gets and the more radical his supporters become. It’s not like he has any solutions but just the fact that he is seen as an alternative out there, many stream to his side.

You now run the scary risk of junior army officers finding rhythm and melody in the idolatrous slogan “Chamisa chete chete”. People have lost patience and have had enough of economic pain and suffering. You can not fault them for that.

You need to act like yesterday. Every day life gets worse and more unbearable for ordinary Zimbabweans. The greatest threat to National Security is the economy and the only way to neutralize this threat is addressing it with the urgency it poses.

First thing : You cannot fix the economy without dropping an atomic bomb on corruption. Corruption is the seed to all of Zimbabwes economic problems. You have to wipe it out through deadly blows that will impress and satisfy the public.

Second thing: Your party’s ideology is obsolete and in need of major upgrading for it to comport with the current world order. Your revolutionary and nationalistic politics and policies are outdated and not compatible with today’s world.

You have to go modern. We are no longer in the fifties and sixties we are in the age of Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Pictures of armed soldiers running after unarmed civilians will win you no friends. China has a pathological aversion for corruption and they will not work with you as long as your country has a reputation for being corrupt.

Mr President, its useless to sweep and clean the streets of Zimbabwe when the economy is as filthy as a dump site. You need to take that broom and thoroughly sweep corruption into the dust pan. Clean up the economy and the streets will clean themselves up.

Yours sincerely