Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa says his opponents underestimate him thinking he is foolish, at their own peril.

He says he is tolerant, forgiving, loving and kind, but warns that this should not be abused:

“Our biggest strength is our biggest weakness… Our opposition and opponents underestimate us. We forgive.

“We tolerate. We involve. We accomodate. We are loving and kind. We invest in peace. We’re nation builders. And that magnanimity, benevolence and providence is often abused! #Godisinit,” he posted on his X handle formerly Twitter.

Meanwhile, some asked him: “Good morning President

“I heard you were also recalled from being our CCC leader.”

And Chamisa responded that he is totally in charge: “Takachibata kuti dzvii! CCC is Citizens property!”

Another netizen asked: “Saka tosvikepi tichijairirwa like this.”

And he answered: “Hatina kupusa zvekudaro! We love this motherland, Zimbabwe. We are ready to defend it even at the greatest of cost or hazardest of risks.”