Namibia based former Zimbabwean security department official Never Cde Maswerasei says the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) boss Michael Reza (pictured) has been told ‘hands off’ against controversial businessperson Wicknell Chivayo, Moses Mpofu and Mike Chimombe.

Reza recently told the nation that ZACC had overwhelming evidence against Chivayo and team, summoning them for questioning.

However, Maswerasei a former military intelligence officer says Reza has been threatened and warned not to touch ‘them.’

“Our team in Harare has gathered that Michael Reza of the Anti-Corruption Commission was told by some powers to not get too excited in his new position as ZACC Chairperson.

“It is said one lady named Auxillia was breathing fire making phone calls over the weekend.

“As it stands, the likelihood of interrogation of players involved & any further investigation on the various corruption allegations – whose overwhelming evidence ZACC has possession of – now hangs in the balance.

“Those privy to finer details say, the cases involve the presidency,” he says.

Apparently, Chimombe and Mpofu this morning presented themselves at ZACC offices for questioning.

However, they have reportedly been told to go back home by the investigating officer saying he is busy.