Former Citizens Coalition for Change founder and president Nelson Chamisa envisions a reformed police service in a new Zimbabwe.

Posting on his X handle Chamisa highlighted professionalism, human rights, and accountability through rights-based policing, civilian oversight, and community-driven restorative justice, rejecting terror tactics and rights violations.

Chamisa writes:

POLICE IN A NEW ZIMBABWE…In the New Citizen-Government, police service will be fully professional and uphold human rights and be held accountable through:

  1. Rights-based policing approach prioritizing citizen protection.
  2. Fostering a culture of human rights and citizen dignity, honoring fundamental freedoms.
  3. Rigorous public oversight via civilian review boards, public hearings, and transparent reporting.
  4. Mandatory training on respecting civil liberties, de-escalation, and cultural competency.
  5. Merit-based promotions to reduce political influence.
  6. Community-driven restorative justice emphasizing rehabilitation over retribution.
  7. Preventative initiatives and community engagement to build trust.
  8. Digital policing to reduce physical encounters and potential rights violations.

The police will respect human rights and be answerable to the citizens they serve.

There will be zero tolerance or acceptance to terror tactics, torture, inhuman degrading treatment and oppressive tactics as the ones being witnesssed on the 79 from June 16th and many others.