President Emmerson Mnangagwa says relations between Zimbabwe and the USA are set to improve following the visit by five American senators who met him at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare this afternoon.

The meeting lasted about two and half hours with the need for collaboration between the two countries dominating the discussions.

The delegation is led by Senator Christopher Coons and also comprises Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, Senator Michael Bennett of Colorado and Senator Garry Peters of Michigan.

Speaking after the meeting, President Mnangagwa appealed to journalists to report factually about events, saying relations between Zimbabwe and USA were mostly affected by bad reporting.

“It is always in important to accept constructive criticism. The feeling that America is hostile is a result of the media and who is the media? it’s yourselves. Where there is dialogue, there is always a way of resolving challenges and this is one opportunity for us to look at issues and together resolve them and move forward. That is the spirit which our people must accept,” said Mnangagwa.

Senator Coons said they are looking forward to open wider relations as Zimbabwe heads to elections and they are keen to see the country holding free, fair and credible polls.

Earlier, the senators held a press briefing on their visit and their interface with various groups.

They then met the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Retired Lieutenant General Sibusiso Moyo, who said Zimbabwe is happy to be hosting the American delegation.

The senators said there are two types of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, one on individuals and another on business where lines of credit were not supposed to be extended to Zimbabwe.

Senator Flake said while a review of the sanctions was done just over a month ago, another review could be done earlier than February next year in view of developments towards the holding of free, fair and credible elections.

Hailing Zimbabwe for intellectual ingenuity, the senators concurred that they are not in Zimbabwe to lecture on governance but to work with Zimbabweans on this journey of collaboration.

President Mnangagwa arrived back home from China this morning and his meeting with US senators provided yet another opportunity to mend and strengthen relations with world economic powerhouses, having also met Russian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Sergey Lavrov last month.
– zbc