The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has said Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa is the biggest beneficiary of the ongoing national lockdown as he has used the 21-day Covid-19 control measure ‘as a leeway to elongate his illegitimate stay at Munhumutapa offices’.
In a statement Thursday morning, MDC Youth Assembly national spokesperson Stephen ‘Sarkozy’ Chuma said had it not been because of the Covid-19-inspired mandatory lockdown, Mnangagwa could have been facing serious civil unrest by now.

He also attacked the Zimbabwe septuagenarian of being responsible for the shock Supreme Court ruling which saw Thokozani Khupe being declared the legitimate leader of the main opposition while Morgen Komichi and Douglas Mwonzora dumped Chamisa right at the courtyard.
“Take the ravaging Corona pandemic aside, surely Mnangagwa would have been facing a massive and serious civil unrest by now. An opportunist of proportions, Mnangagwa saw a window of opportunity in the deadly Corona pandemic and a leeway to elongate his illegitimate stay at Munhumutapa offices,” Chuma said.
“While the idea of a lockdown in face of the deadly Corona pandemic is not a bad idea altogether, it is crystal clear that the biggest beneficiary thus far is Emmerson Mnangagwa and not the hungry and angry masses who survive from hand to mouth,” he said.
He said while the lockdown’is supposed to reduce the deleterious effects of the ravaging pandemic, the ruling Zanu PF regime has dismally failed to provide the basics to combat the spread of coronavirus.