‘If the guards are going to steal who will definitely guard them’

The levels of corruption amongst police officers in Zimbabwe have risen to higher levels that even the devil himself would distance himself from the shenanigans associated with these law enforcement agents.

I was so dismayed today while l boarded a Toyota Woosh ‘Mushikashika’ car from Harare to Bulawayo, as a Ford Police car which is always stationed near Kuwadzana Extension Bridge along the highway demanded a $20 fine from the driver who already had 3 other tickets of the similar offence.

My anger was not necessarily aroused by the number of tickets he had or the $20 fine which was being demanded as it is a known fact that these uniformed force levels of greediness are alarming.

What made me furious was the fact that l saw a police officer forcing the driver to be fined an advance ticket with tomorrow’s date or risk his car being impounded. Believe it or not as I am writing now the driver is in possession of a ZRP Ticket with tomorrow date 22/06/2017.

Out of interaction with the driver name withheld for fear of victimization he told me that as strange as this sounded, to him it had become a norm.

The confidence being exuded by these law enforcement agents is shocking as they do not fear even the so called anti-corruption team a move which left me with more questions than answers.

Zimbabwe the once emulated country in Africa with arguably the best judicial services in the yesteryears has been reduced to mere rags.

I am still taken aback as a citizen where are we heading, is this not a mere disaster can we continue to watch our country deteriorating like this while we watch.

Help us God.