Beware of FAKE news Chiyangwa reacts to viral Mazda story

Businessman Philip Chiyangwa has distanced himself from the Facebook page which claimed that he bought a posh brand new Mazda car for his “good friend” Monalisa Charity Mutindivari after she had requested only for a laptop.

Reacting to the story, Chiyangwa warned readers and reporters that they should disregard social media accounts bearing his name as he does not spend time on Twitter or FaceBook.

Said Chiyangwa:

That’s a fake account. I don’t have a Facebook account. Actually I am not on social media platforms, be it Twitter or Instagram among others. Those who create those fake accounts, they are my followers. They admire what I do.

Anything generated from social networks is all fake. Everything there about me on social media is fake.

There is a woman with a ghost account, she is a ghost to me that I even don’t know.

She purports there was an offer of a laptop which turned into a car, I do not play stupid games like that. Manufactured B******

Reputable media houses even pick it to look like it’s real news…Please be careful about what you put in newspapers about me before I sue you

The “fake account” claimed that Mutindivari reportedly went out for lunch with Chiyangwa a fortnight ago where she asked him to buy her a laptop for school work. Instead, the flamboyant businessman chose to buy her a posh car.