Chiredzi general hospital nurses are at it again, after selling overnight mahewu and uncertified frozen water in hospital wards, the health practitioners are now stealing birth control pills, which they are reselling on the black market, the Newsday has reported.

Chiredzi General Hospital superintendent, David Tarumbwa admitted that he got an anonymous tip-off exposing the nurses engaged in the unscrupulous activities.

He said he had since forwarded the names of the suspects to the police.Tarumbwa said:

“Yes, I have received the letter and I had to seek the help of the police, but I am still waiting for feedback. I know such things are happening behind the scenes because I have
received several such complaints,” .

“I am sure they are manipulating the system or using non-existent patients’ names to falsify the number of those who received the contraceptive. I would like to urge women to report these nurses to the police because what they are doing is illegal,” said Tarumbwa.

Ministry of Health and Child Care spokesperson Donald Mujiri said he could not respond as he was driving, promising that he would do so later.