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The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has given a Chinese mining company to de-contaminate Saimona area which has been contaminated by cyanide from its operations.

“We have given a 7-day ultimatum to Ming Chang Sino Africa, a Chinese miner with operations in Bindura, to de-contaminate some areas of Saimona village which were affected by its cyanide discharge & to adopt dust suppression methods in order to mitigate dust pollution,” says ZLHR.

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The lawyers also implored the mining company to use silent blasting technology.

“We have asked the miner to use silent blasting technology to mitigate noise pollution during its operations & to re-site its slime dam & to keep reasonably sufficient distance between the blasting site & residential houses.

“We have also requested the miner to publish a timetable of any intended blasting activity, clearly stating the day & time of each blast.

This is all contained in a letter written to Ming Chang Sino Africa by @IdirasheC & Tinashe Chinox of ZLHR lawyers on behalf of the villagers who are complaining that the miner carries out blasting activities at ad hoc times & dates.

“The villagers have told us that the miner’s blasting activities causes earth tremors which cause shock & also places them at the risk of being injured by rocks from the blasts as they go about their daily activities.

Should the miner not address the villagers’ concerns, ZLHR will be left with no option but to approach the High Court on an urgent basis for an order barring it from conducting its mining activities in Saimona village.

The villagers also reserve their right to sue for compensation arising from damage to their properties or injuries & illness suffered as a result of the miner’s operations.

Apart from Ming Chang Sino Africa, we have also served letters to EMAeepp demanding to be furnished with a copy of the EIA certificate issued in favour of the miner & for @EMAeep to conduct investigations & furnish us with a report of the cyanide spillage at the miner’s slime dam.

To the Director of Mines in Ministry of Mines in Mashonaland Central province, we have requested to be given copies of the mining licences & permits, if any, issued to Ming Chang Sino Africa authorising it to operate its mines in Saimona village & to provide a blasting licence granted to the miner in respect of its blasting operations.