MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa says if his party gets into power, his government would be lean and mean hence there would be no room for three vice presidents.

The MDC-A is structured to have three vice presidents but Chamisa gave assurance that if his government will not resemble his party structures.

Speaking during the memorial of his predecessor, Morgan Tsvangirai, Chamisa said the concept of several presidents was a ZCTU skeleton.

“…In the ZCTU from whose womb the party was formed, there are four presidents; we ended at three.

“Some ask what does this mean? In government we won’t have that, the government is supposed to be lean and mean. We’ll separate the government from the party,said Chamisa.

The MDC-A currently has three vice presidents, namely Elias Mudzuri, Morgen Komichi, and Professor Welshman Ncube.