The Nelson Chamisa led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is poised for landslide victory in the by-elections as results continue to come in.

From the areas covered so far, CCC is leading with a huge margin.

Commenting on his party’s performance so far, Chamisa says:

“This by-election has shown that ultimately all authority comes from the CITIZENS.

“Citizens are above politicians & their foolish politics.

“Why did you waste national resources tax payers money?

“Would these resources not have been deployed to better our health,education sectors?”

Meanwhile, the ruling party ZANU-PF has mocked Movement for Democratic Change Tsvangirai MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora whose party is falling by wayside.

In some instances Mwonzora’s party is getting zeros.

Meanwhile, Mwonzora is said to be a ZANU PF ‘puppet’ crafted to disturb Chamisa’s party.