A candidate tipped to represent the CCC party as Member of Parliament for the Magwegwe-Lobengula constituency declining the nomination and distancing himself from the rank and file of the political outfit.

The party’s candidate nomination process has taken over a month and there is no indication when the party will have the final list of candidates amid fears that the party leadership was working on imposing candidates. Bulawayo lawyer, Mr Sindiso Mazibisa on Friday released a statement distancing himself from the party and declining any possible nomination.

“I, Sindiso Shepherd Mazibisa, would like to appreciate the people-driven process that saw a certain section of the residents of Magwegwe-Lobengula constituency acknowledging the community work I have done in the area in my individual capacity and in the capacity of community institutions I am associated with, leading them to nominating me to be a Member of Parliament nominee under the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). Regrettably, directly or indirectly I am not part of the CCC or any of its associated organisations or agencies. I humbly decline the nomination and distance myself from any current or future participation within the CCC organisation whether be it Member of Parliament nominee for Magwegwe-Lobengula constituency or whatever position that the members of the organisation may desire me to participate as,” said Mr Mazibisa.

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