The government says it is expecting a boom in the tourism industry following the reopening of the borders.

The ministry of tourism says it notes the need to promote business in the (tourism) sector, especially given the anticipated increase of tourists and returning citizens.

To maximise the envisaged gains the government says the opening hours of restaurants will therefore be extended from the current 1830 hours closing time to 2000 hours closing time.

The country’s borders opened to the general public yesterday, with the country’s southern borders (Plumtree) and (Beitbridge) re-opened as planned at 6am today, but with low activity.

Under this new set up passenger traffic including motorists and pedestrians are now allowed passage through the port of entries.

Strict and safe covid-19 screening methods are being carried on all those leaving or entering the country.

Before the reopening of the borders to more traffic, yesterday, Plumtree and Beitbridge were handling 5000 and 15 000 people daily.