A North Carolina gay couple has adopted a dog named Fezco that was abandoned by previous owners who suspected that the hound was homosexual.

Abandoned and left under the care of a shelter in Stanly County, the US state of North Carolina, the 5-year old Fezco was abandoned by his owners who had found him bonking another male dog.

As reported by Yard Hype, Fezco’s sad story attracted widespread media attention and touched the hearts of many persons who placed an application to adopt the disowned canine. Initially, WCCB TV had reported that it was inundated with ‘tons of applications from interested owners’.

Despite the dog’s alleged homosexuality, online users said the reaction by the dog’s previous owners was “absurd” and “thoughtless” in manner.

And, amongst the persons who were touched by the plight of the abandoned gay dog are Steve Nichols and his gay partner, John, who this Wednesday adopted the rejected homosexual dog. The pair told TMZ that they share a deep connection with the dog because of the discrimination which they themselves had experienced.

The couple also expressed concern that Fezco’s previous owners did not properly care for him as he reportedly has heartworms. For his medical upkeep, the gay couple has since secured the services of a veterinarian, online media reports say.

Steve and John have also renamed the dog ‘Oscar’ as an honour to venerated Irish poet Oscar White who was also gay. The couple says they are going to freely explore Oscar’s sexuality without judgement.

Oscar’s match, according to reports, is a male dog named Harry (pictured below), who is a Terrier-Chihuahua mix.