Leader of Divine Kingdom Ministry Pastor Ian Ndlovu has released a prophetic message warning Zimbabweans against engaging in demonstrations and mass protests.

This prophecy comes barely three days after Harare based Prophet T. Sawana issued a chilling warning to Zimbabweans that if they do not solve the current economic and political problems a civil war is going to erupt in the country and it will be so catastrophic that it will invite other nations to join in for peace keeping.

In his prophecy Ndlovu said :

“Let us continue to pray for this country. There are people who are planning strikes and demonstrations.  My advice is that when you hear calls for strikes and demonstrations just ask God, whether you should participate in those things.”

The economy is very tough on everyone and people are very tense, so I saw something in a vision along the lines of massive demonstrations, added Ndovu, God said demonstrations and strikes will worsen our problems.

“They will not take our nation forward, but will worsen the political situation which will cause the nation to collapse far much faster when people start to engage in acts of violence.

“I am seeing people becoming extremely militant so we need to watch and pray. If you hear invitations that you must participate in strikes and demonstrations know that they won’t work for us. They will cause so much violence that what we saw in January will be child’s play.”