By Hon Jefferson Chitando

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s statement that he will step down in 2028 must not be taken seriously by Zimbabweans.

Remember a crocodile will never announce when it will leave the water…it is its own secret. This statement was meant to achieve three objectives for Mnangagwa÷

1) Fractional Silencing

Mnangagwa wants to silence the political rival faction in ZanuPF.There are people in ZanuPF who believe that 2017 coup was based on a gentleman’s agreement.

An agreement that the risk takers like Chiwenga, Mutsvangwa etc (unfortunately many like General Moyo, Shiri etc are no more) will takeover power immediately after the coup transitional civilian look like government had convinced the world that it wasn’t a military coup but people’s revolution.

This “2030 Ndichange Ndiripo !” Slogan is totally parallel to the 2017 gentleman coup agreement.The coup leaders believe Mnangagwa has completed his coup sanitization period so he must leave power. Power is sweet.Mnangagwa doesn’t want to hear anything about the 2017 gentleman’s agreement. This is frustrating Chiwenga faction.

This statement that he will leave power in 2028 is only to hoodwink the less intelligent Chiwenga faction. They will grow in confidence that he will definitely leave office. Mnangagwa will meanwhile plot to dribble them…vakaitwa chikukuvatavata.

2) SADC Election Report & Summit

Mnangagwa knows that nearly all SADC have declared him illegitimate leader. The worst is the balance of power in SADC due to opposition winning elections. He has no friends. Declaring that he will be upholding the Constitution he is trying to will friends in SADC.

The South African’s ANC failure to win and forced into marriage with DA means Zanu-PF interests are no longer guaranteed. ANC is now fighting for its own survival.

Many believe ANC lost the majority vote because of its relationship with ZanuPF. South African voters know their problems are mainly caused by influx of illegal migrants from economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

Mozambique a new, young President is coming. He has no idea of what ZanuPF is when ZanuPF used Mozambique as liberation fighters bases, he wasn’t born then, Mnangagwa and ZanuPF have used history as basis of friendship but it seems the new leader will look for economic development.

ZanuPF isn’t an economic development party. ZanuPF is a looting and violent political party. The young SADC leaders are advocating for democracy.

The statement that he will leave power in 2028 is trying to convince SADC that he is a repented leader.

A leader prepared to work with the new SADC political Mnangagwa can only be trusted to promote democratic principle by a mad generation.

Mnangagwa only wants to be handed over the SADC chairmanship.He believes that ending his political career in such a high note will give him protection and sympathy after he has finally left power not in 2028 but 2030 or beyond.

Mnangagwa fear that the next President would torment him.He wants SADC to collectively protect him after he leaves power…but not in 2028.

3) Pretence

Like a crocodile ( Ngwena) he always pretend not interested in it’s prey.Mnangagwa is cunningly pretending as though he is not interested in extending his term of office.

Mnangagwa wants the world to think that he is a constitution respecting President.He is the worst political leader to be bothered by a document called Constitution.

Mnangagwa since 2017 has proved that constitution and him are water and oil. Remember he appointed more than the stipulated Ministers only to drop some after an outcry.

He ordered the army to shoot unarmed peaceful demonstrating civilians on 1 August 2018. The constitution has provisions for peaceful demonstrations. Recently he publicly declared that he will kill anyone who dare demonstrate during SADC summit.

I was hoping demonstrations during SADC summit was not against Mnangagwa but directed against SADC .It is SADC which declared the 23 August 2023 elections not credible.

Why should ZanuPF and ED be bothered by people demonstrating against SADC?People should be allowed to demonstrate against SADC. This is to make sure all its members hold free,fair, credible, transparent and democratic elections.

Mnangagwa wants the world and in particular SADC believe that everything is well in Zimbabwe. His statement of upholding the Constitution that he will leave power in 2028 is only trying to cool tempers in Zimbabwe thinking that, after all he is leaving office soon.


The statement of Mnangagwa not extending term of office can only be believed by naive and gullible people. Mnangagwa is preparing to extend office through the Tshabangu parliamentary recall strategy.

Some of the opposition members of Parliament will definitely vote to extend the term of office of ED as it gives them more years of salary benefits.

The opposition members of Parliament who sided with Tshabangu know very well that they won’t win 5% of the vote in their constituencies. Their political death sentence was signed the day they decided to support an anti citizens agenda.

*Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe`