Following a confession by ZANU-PF acting political Commissar Patrick Chinamasa that the ruling party and the military are inseparable, former deputy of Higher Education, Godfrey Gandawa says the military should therefore not posture as the people’s army.

He said at the heart of ZANU- PF’s power is the use of violence as a means to transact politics, adding that the army is central to the continuity of the status quo, adding that the military should have distanced itself from Chinamasa’s sentiments if they weren’t true.

“It is highly unlikely, if not wishful thinking, that the army would stand aside in the event of ZANU-PF election loss,” said Gandawa.

He added that if Chinamasa’s sentiments were not true, the military should have distanced itself from his remarks.

“That the army has power to further ZANU PF’s political interests is undisputed.

“What cannot be accepted is for the army to posture as a national people’s army.

“If this was the case, it would have quickly distanced itself from Chinamasa’s dangerous but honest remarks,” he said.

Renowned political analyst Alex Magaisa says without reforms to remove the military from partisan politics and accountability for past violence, 2023 elections will be a repeat of this tragic past.