There were episodes of free drama at Buhera Magistrate’s court, were a Zimbabwe Republic Police officer based at Muzookomba refused to pay maintenance for his expecting wife arguing that he gave her a 50cents divorce token.

Prince Chihwai was in dock after Jenifer Mhuriyengwe (Ex Wife) approached the court for the maintenance of herself and the unborn baby.

However, Chihwai told the court that, he was no longer married to Mhuriyengwe.
He said that the divorce process was sealed in the presence of the families of the two but Mhuriyengwe insisted that there was no divorce that took place and the two were still staying together as husband and wife.
Mhuriyengwe claimed money for rentals at the house where the two are staying, electricity bills, water, clothes, food and hospital bills.
Chihwai told the court that it was Mhuriyengwe who actually first offered to leave the marriage to go and live in Beitbridge.
The court heard that On January 2, 2019 the two gathered their families and a go-between went through the divorce process.
Chihwai also told the court that he has six other children below the age of 18 who need to be maintained by him.
Mhuriyengwe demanded to see the claimed children’s birth certificates.
The matter was postponed to a later date to allow the two to bring witnesses.
-Masvingo Mirror