STOP THE STEAL: The displayed @ZECzim  result at Oriel Boys’ High has been amended. @ZECzim  are saying that they don’t know who amended the result. We have all the authentic v11s and are demanding that the displayed result be accurate in line with the correct v11s.

We’ve now demanded that they remove the “amended v11s” that they’d attached. The ballot boxes are now being transported from the Ward Command Centre to the Constituency Command Centre without the additional “postal votes”. We are following them to ensure no changes are made…Fadzayi Mahere

CCC ELECTION UPDATE: It is illegal for ZEC to instruct presiding officers, especially those in rural areas, to reopen sealed ballot boxes. Without a court order, these boxes cannot be opened. We have strongly advised all our agents to refuse to comply with this unlawful activity. It is a criminal offense to do so. #DefendTheVote