It is double tragedy for Nyengeterai Gondo lost her husband to a-41-year-old woman who later teamed up with her son and severely assaulted Gondo, the Mwenezi Magistrates Court heard last week.
Appearing before magistrate Honest Musiiwa was Sinikiwe Mbuderi and her son, Hardley Mbuderi (25) who reside at Lundi business centre.
Both of them pleaded not guilty to the charges of assault though Sinikiwe admitted to having an affair with Gondo’s husband.
“Murume ndizvo ndinodanana naye uye akandivakira imba, seven rooms. Zvose ari kundiitira saka chiii chandaizokurovera iye murume achindipa zvose zvinondigutsa. Kuda hako vakarohwawo nezvikomba zvako waakuda kupomerawo ini mhosva,” Sinikiwe said.
On her part, Gondo told the court that the two severely assaulted her when she went to Lundi business centre to look for her husband.
“Hakasiko kekutanga kundirova. Unonditorera murume wangu futi. Musi uyu mose mai nemwana makanditema nematombo. Sinikiwe waitokuza mwana wako uchiti rova rovesa rife chaiko,” Gondo told the court.
The State’ case as argued by prosecutor Willard Chasi was that on August 3 this year, at around 2000 hrs, Gondo who reside in Helani village under Chief Chitanga, went to Lundi business centre to ask for some money from her husband Tyson Moyo who operates a welding shop there.
As she walked around the business centre, Gondo met the two accused person who began to scold her. They then allegedly took stones, logs and assaulted her all over her body.
Gondo later bolted and was taken to hospital for treatment and a police report was later made, leading to the arrest of the duo.
A medical report was produced as exhibit in court.
The trial was due to continue by the time of going to print. tell zim