By Stanley Goreraza|If Mnangagwa can’t see it, there’s a red dot on his forehead and if something goes pop, well that would be a gun shot.

Word is he’s is responsible for the sudden slip and fall of the bond note hoping it would lead to the slipping and falling of Gushungo(President Mugabe). Zvirikunzi Mnangagwa aida kurova vaMugabe two feet vari ku New York (Mnangagwa tried to undermine Mugabe while he was in New York).

He might not survive the upcoming conference as the recent charge against him is right there with treason.

If it’s any consolation to ED Mnangagwa, what I heard in the late eighties was Enos Chikowore was actually the one who got Majonga flying out of a window at gun point. All this time I was of the thinking Chikowore had done the ugly deed, little did I know Jonathan Moyo had a different version of perpetrator but same event and apparently the courts will soon sit and get served with some really juicy testimony from the professor. I don’t know if he’ll be bringing a TV and tablets, him being tech savvy and twitteratti.

What I’d like to know is how did ED manage to screw the bond note and cause panic in Zimbabwe all in little under 24 hours? It would mean he is standing right behind Gushungo with a long and sharp dagger about to sink in his boss’s back so he can comfortably sip from the “I’M THE BOSS” mug and this time he won’t be in Zvishavane but at State House.

stanley goreraza