Popular social media influencer Shadaya Knight has advised boxer Themba Gorimbo to seek an expert to manage his social media accounts.

His comments comes after Gorimbo attacked Winky D on social media and found himself under fire from The Gaffa’s fans.

Gorimbo went on to attack ordinary citizens who stood in Winky D’s corner, however, Knight believes the boxer crossed the red line.

“Themba Gorimbo is proof of why most celebrities actually need management, especially to handle their social media accounts.

“Because let’s be realistic a majority of them are plain idiots, they live in their own imaginary world, out of touch with reality

“For example Gorimbo is now so out of touch with reality ever since he was adopted by The Rock.

“The fame has gotten to his head, to a point he feels he can denegrade every other Zimbabwean celebrity, just for the sake of it

“At the same time insulting fans, the very people who cheered for him in his grass to grace story.

“At the click of a button he has lost all the respect the people had for him. Over what?

“Social media attention is indeed a drug.

“Learn OR perish!!!”