The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has welcomed the position taken by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to put Zimbabwe on its agenda over the just ended disputed elections.

In a statement, SADC said it will be holding an extraordinary meeting of council of ministers today which is expected to debate the regional body’s observer mission’s report on the just ended Zimbabwean polls.

Meanwhile, CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi says his party welcomes the move.

“We welcome the big step taken by SADC to put the Zimbabwe’s electoral dispute firm on the agenda.

“It is our utmost hope that SADC will maintain it’s principled stand against Zimbabwe’s sham election & make recommendations for a fresh, free & fair election under the auspices of SADC & without ZEC as it is presently constituted.

“This is the prayer of every progressive citizen of the region. A Transitional Authority whose sole mandate is a fresh election is the only vaible option. Legitimacy Legitimacy Legitimacy,” he said.