Erling Haaland is one of the best football players from the 2020s. Erling’s father was also a professional footballer. His name is Alf Inge Haaland, and he is well remembered for an incident he had with none other than Roy Keane. Currently, 1xBet is a famous betting site in Ghana, and its members can take advantage of multiple wagering opportunities in hundreds of football events.

Alf Inge Haaland played in teams such as:

  • Nottingham Forest;
  • Leeds United;
  • Manchester City;
  • and the Norwegian National football team.

All this story begins in 1997. The 1997-98 season of the English Premier League was starting. During a match between Leeds United and Manchester United, Keane tried to take a ball away from Haaland, who back then was a Leeds player. Unfortunately for the Irishman, he severely injured his knee.

To make it worse, Haaland approached Keane while he was laying on the ground, accusing him of trying to injure him, and stating that he was faking an injury to avoid punishment. The 1xBet Ghana betting site is a famous wagering platform in the country, which offers the chance to try stakes in matches of the EPL and countless other cups.

Consequences from that first encounter

Keane missed the rest of the 1997-98 season due to the injury he sustained in the match. However, the clashes between both players didn’t end there. You can download 1xBet apk to your phone right now, and follow and bet on live football matches and in any other sports.

Now we need to skip four years and go to 2001. Keane continued in United and Haaland had moved to Manchester City. A Manchester Derby took place, and it would see the second episode of this infamous encounter.

A few minutes before the end of the match, Haaland received the ball. Keane lifted his leg and hit Haaland’s knee with the entirety of his shoe. The Irishman received a straight red card. If you want to have the best football odds on your phone, download the 1xBet apk now, which is completely free and provides all the services for which platform is known for.

Aftermath of the incident

Keane admitted that he tackled Haaland on purpose. He didn’t forget what the Norwegian told him in the 1997 first encounter. Norway, Ireland and lots of other football teams are featured at, where there are lots of betting opportunities and methods to follow their games.

This was one of the last matches of Alf Inge Haaland as a professional footballer. Some people argue that Keane’s tackle forced him to retire. However, Haaland himself indicated that recurrent problems with his other knee convinced himself to end his career. Alf Inge Haaland doesn’t play anymore, but his son, Erling Haaland, does, and if you visit 1xBet you can bet on all his goals.


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