The start of a new season in the Premier League is approaching. Therefore, it stands now to follow the games of Wolverhampton, for which the upcoming campaign is very important. In the meantime, you can study any football prediction from experts and understand what exactly awaits the clubs.

Last season, the Wolves finished only in the second half of the standings. Of course, given the personnel potential of the team, such a result cannot be called good. That is why in the summer, Wolverhampton began to actively strengthen the team. In addition to changes among the coaching staff, there were some changes among players, too.

The most notable transfer of the Wolves was the lease of Trinau from Barcelona. In the roster of the Catalan grandee, the Portuguese failed to show his best qualities. Now he has an opportunity to play in the Premier League.

So far, it’s difficult to name the exact role the striker will get on the field. It is clear that he will play in the front, but will he be immediately entrusted with a place in the starting lineup? We will find out an answer to this and other questions very soon.

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As for the prospects of Wolverhampton, even despite the good strengthening, the team will have a hard time truing to break into the European Cup zone. The key reasons for this include:

  1. Weaker lineup compared to most competitors. If one of the leaders is injured or simply out of shape, it will be very difficult for the team to count on achieving a positive result.
  2. Departure of Nuno Espirito Santa from the post of the head coach. The new coach doesn’t have such authority yet. Moreover, it is unclear what kind of football he is going to play.
  3. Lack of proper teamwork among players.

However, football is a game, and there is always room for unexpected results. Wolverhampton has everything it needs to, at least, finish in the middle of the standings.

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