STRANDED GHANAIAN midfielder Ishmael Dadson says he is now relieved after the country’s ambassador to Zimbabwe intervened and bought him a ticket to fly home.

H-Metro Sport recently reported that Dadson was stranded and relying on handouts in Zvishavane where he was invited for trials early this year by Shabanie Mine.

Ambassador Grant Ntrakwa came to Dadson’s rescue of the youngster who left the country yesterday afternoon.

“I am super excited that I am finally returning home. Relatives and friends were worried about my situation since I was surviving through well-wishers. I was worried but I am grateful to everyone who supported me throughout the painful journey. The ambassador invited me to his office after he was informed about my situation and it took him seconds to come to my rescue.

“I was really humbled. I stayed in Harare for two days while waiting for my plane ticket and other formalities to be completed. It was the will of God. There is no need for me to pin point my struggles on anyone. Someone had to learn from me and I believe that one day I will have a story to tell. It was a challenge which the almighty gave me strength to overcome” said Dadson.

In an interview with reporters last month, the 20-year-old expressed his pain and pleaded for assistance.

“When I came here, the situation was a bit better. I played a few friendly matches in the preseason before football was suspended. I did not know it will get to this point. I am depending on well-wishers.

“At first I thought things were going to change as time progresses but I have realized that it is deteriorating daily. People have their own families and I am becoming a burden to them because they are now getting tired.

“I am no longer fearing for my career but what is of importance now is my life. I am now a destitute and there are people who have been promising to get me home but nothing has materialised.

“From the bottom of my heart I am appealing to anyone who can assist me to come forward, I have seen hell, I want to go home,” said Dadson.

I have never tried my luck to any team since I was officially invited by Shabanie.

“I was also informed by a reliable source that Shabanie rejected offers from Chapungu and Whawha without telling me since I have not signed a contract with them. They kept it as secret and I only had it from a trusted source. I am grateful to all those who are providing with handouts,” he said.

Ishmael Dadson