Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has expressed his disapproval for the way Zimbabwe exiled protester, Evan Mawarire, demonstrated at the United Nations summit against his home country’s leadership.

Mugabe believes that Mawarire was used by Western countries to demonstrate against his rule during the just ended United Nations General Assembly, Mugabe said yesterday.

Mawarire, who staged demonstrations against President Mugabe at the Zimbabwean Embassy in New York was joined by a number of US based Zimbabwe activists including exiled singer Thomas Mapfumo.

Addressing scores of supporters at the Harare International Airport on his return home from the UN, Mugabe described the US protests as a  “great shame’ he had ever seen.

Speaking in Shona Mugabe told reporters that  he was  the only head of state to suffer this sort of humiliation;

“Zvino fungai imi wee ndisu toga-toga tine twuvanhu. . .kanobva kuno kari one komhanya koyenda kuAmerica konotsvaga two, three, four zvonzi handeyi.

“Iri Zimbabwe yoga yoga mufunge zvinotonyadza.

“It’s a shame; a great shame hapana dzimwe nyika. . .zvinonzi hakuna democracy kuno.”

Mugabe is shocked that no other country or head of state had their people protesting for better leadership at the United Nations assembly.

However, Mugabe conveniently decided not to mention ‘the greatest embarrassment’ caused by calls from Botswana’s leader, Ian Khama, for him(Mugabe) to retire  for the sake of SADC and Zimbabwe.

Khama did the unthinkable when told Reuters reporters at  UN that Mugabe is now an excessive burden to the welfare and security of over 100 millions citizens of the Southern African community of nations.