For his social media outbursts and lack of self control, Zimbabwe Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has been attacked again by President Robert Mugabe who feels that the G40 master minder has stepped out of line in his quest to humiliate and expose the intentions of rival Team Lacoste faction members.

The 92-year old leader described it as “wrong” for party leaders to take to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to attempt to clear their names as well as attack fellow party members.

Mugabe said Moyo has been prolific on Twitter to criticise his opponents within the party and to try and clear his name in the case in which he is being accused by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission of siphoning over US$400 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpowe Development fund (ZIMDEF).

“We don’t address our grievances through such platforms as Twitter and Facebook,” said President Mugabe.
“Some of us use them and the private newspapers to criticise other party leaders as well as trying to cleanse themselves, we don’t want that. These things are being done by very senior party members and not smaller ones,” he added, receiving widespread applauses from the delegates.

 Moyo believes that he is a victim of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s unrestrained ambition to succeed Mugabe when he retires from office soon.