Yesterday, businessman and musician Mudiwa Hood fulfilled his promise to assist troubled musician, Paradzai Mesi, who was caught stealing groceries from a tuckshop in Henstone Farm in Glendale last week.

Mudiwa had pledged to buy Mesi food and reimburse the tuckshop owner.

Mudiwa took Mesi shopping and bought him designer clothing on an undisclosed budget. Mesi has previously struggled with drug addiction and has received aid from well-wishers. A video of Mesi in handcuffs went viral, causing music fans to question how the talented singer had reached such a low point.

Mudiwa stated on his social media accounts that he acted out of love, and was touched by the love he received from those he met, some of whom prayed for him. He regarded this as an opportunity to make an impact on the life of a music legend.

Mesi’s difficulties had increased over the years, despite similar efforts to aid him in 2017 and 2019. In 2017, H-Metro had reported a comparable story when Mesi turned to drugs during hard times. He suspected a relative might have cursed him during his peak, and believed that the same spell was haunting him, causing him to fail in everything he tried.

Later, the “Mari Ipesaniso” singer returned to the stage and received donations from well-wishers. In 2019, a local organization called the Zimbabwe Network for Economic and Social Transformation included Mesi to help combat drug abuse.

Popular pub Club Joy Centre in Chitungwiza has scheduled two shows on April 28 and 29 for Mesi to perform.