President Robert Mugabe has never liked his most loyal member Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T) has claimed saying the beleaguered Vice President must dump the nonagenarian and join opposition politics.
Extending the olive branch, MDC-T national spokesperson Obert Gutu said it was high time Mnangagwa considered joining opposition politics after he was early this week humiliated by being stripped off his justice ministry while ministers sympathetic to him were either sacked or demoted.
“Events unfolding in Zanu PF now clearly show that Mugabe never liked Mnangagwa and the reshuffle was only meant to fix him and his supporters. If Mugabe was genuine about his reshuffle he should have first reshuffled himself out.
“We believe in a big tent approach so if Mnangagwa feels like he cannot handle the heat in Zanu PF anymore, which I think that is the point he is now, he is most welcome to join the MDC-T. President Tsvangirai is always on record saying that anyone who genuinely repents from evil  deeds is welcome to join us. I say to Mnangagwa this is the time, come let us reason together,” said Gutu.
Mnangagwa has come under immense pressure left, right and centre since his revelations at the late national heroine Shuvai Mahofa’s memorial in Gutu a fortnight ago that, though it was not food poison, he was indeed poisoned.
The Midlands godfather was then forced to have a press statement to try and correct media reports saying he was misquoted, a situation which did not help much as Mugabe went on to reshuffle cabinet relegating alleged Mnangagwa loyalists to the dustbins.
NPP national spokesperson Jeffreyson Chitando also weighed in saying his party was looking forward to have Mnangagwa joining the party.
“We don’t see the light all at once. Mnangagwa might have a not so pleasant past but if he eventually sees the light and repent, then we are ready to accept him at NPP. Even if Mugabe sees the light someday, we are willing to walk the road with him,” said Chitando.
“We need each other to rebuild. If ever Mnangagwa resigns and wants to challenge the status quo he is welcome to join us. Mnangagwa and all the other people in Zanu PF who are being persecuted for being honest are welcome to join NPP,” said Chitando. tell zimbabwe