Norton independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is constantly ill advised, saying some of his actions are made from a misinformed point of view.

This follows after Mnangagwa recently gave a car to a Chief whose chieftainship was frozen by the High Court. Zimbabwean Chiefs are entitled to cars from the government and the President recently gave a number of chiefs cars including the embattled Chief Chivesani.

Mliswa says: “Does Executive really, respect Judiciary? This is a High Court order. I’m sure @edmnangagwa isn’t aware of this order.

“He’s a lawyer and a citizen who’ll comply with the laws of the country. Would he have gone ahead and given Chivesani a car with knowledge of this order?”

Mliswa says this order clearly bars Chivesani from assuming any Chieftain roles until the matter is determined.

“Why do we have court when the Executive is not willing to listen to them? This is clear contempt of court of the highest order,” questions Mliswa.

He adds: “I’m not against anyone being a Chief, but surely such an order should be observed? His Excellency is constantly ill advised, hence we see people like July Moyo being exposed with other agendas than that of the common cause in the quest for power.”

Mliswa questions as to why are Chiefs appointed by Govt Ministers in the first place whilst the Chiefs Council is in existence? He says when Ministers appoint Chiefs, the whole essence of autonomy is lost. What is the role of the Chiefs Council in this regard?