MDC member critically attacked – Mhondoro Ngezi Turf

Enock Muraga, the MDC A brach chairman for Mhondoro Ngezi Turf area was seriously attacked by about 6 men who were in a white car ,on Sunday 31 March 2019. The gang just pulled off their car towards Enock unexpectedly , disembarked and used matchetes and pangas to cut his arms and beat him seriously The murderers are not residents of the area, and must have been hired from other places like Harare or Chitungwiza and are notorious ,seasoned thugs.. He received multiple cuts on two arms, broken arms and was axed on the head. He is in intensive care unit One of his arm is critically lifeless and is to be amputated.

The incident occurred a day after Enock had a serious disagreements with some MDC party members last Saturday on 30 March 2019. He and others disputed heavily against rigging congress elections and he indicated that the election exercise must be transparent and not dubious. There was a struggle with the conveners and they failed to do the congress with an intention to shift the date and rig the election. The venue was Pondombiri Growth point in Mhondoro Ngezi. Then on the next day, Sunday, , Enock was attacked at Turf shopping centre, when others were doing the District congress on that day.

We totally condemn such barbaric acts ,and we urge the police to act swiftly to arrest these criminals and charge them with attempted murder.. MDC must be a free,democratic and inclusive non violent party. This is not the first violence with regard to congress process and most people are leaving in fear and wish if the late MT were present as nothing of such would have happened. People are living in great fear over this congress period and we urge people to be vigilant ,walk in groups and be defensive. The leaders must be brought to book ,and be accountable for such. We have not heard other leadership condoning violence . They must be answerable to this as sooner or later ,the work of the evil will be nipped in the bud. Don’t shad blood,don’t kill for power. Thugs must rote in prison.

TODAY 5.30 AM 03.04.29