BEATRICE – ZIMDEF accountant, Ropafadzo Mukamba (45), her husband Daniel Tsimba (49) and their daughter (7) were kidnapped from their house in Marlborough, Harare on Tuesday night by a four-member gang of robbers.

They were later dumped 55km away in Beatrice, Mash East Police spokesperson, Inspector Tendai Mwanza has confirmed.

The couple allegedly lost two vehicles, a Mazda BT50, a truck, US$2 400, R15 000, two mobile phones and two laptops after the robbers ransacked their home.

The three are luck to be alive after they were driven blindfolded in an unregistered Honda Fit and left inside with their hands tied with ropes to car seats before the car was set alight.

They managed to untie themselves before the car exploded into flames.

According to documents in the hands of The Mirror, the robbers arrived at the house at 11am and found Mukamba alone.

They told her that they were Police officers investigating a case of fraud at ZIMDEF and they handcuffed her while they waited for her husband to come.

She remained handcuffed until her husband arrived home at around 6pm together with their child.

Tsimba was also handcuffed and the robbers ransacked the house and stole the money and laptops.

They allegeldy blindfolded the three and shoved them into their unregistered Honda Fit and drove away with three cars including two that belonged to the couple.

“At around 11pm, the accused tied the complainants with a rope onto the car seats, set it ablaze and ran away.

“The complainants managed to untie themselves and escaped unhurt,” said the statement in the hands of The Mirror.

The two vehicles belonging to the couple are not yet found.

Mukamba had recently been given cash at ZIMDEF. -The Mirror