Zimbabweans are debating and speculating the cause of Judith Makwanya’s death. Some even claim she was a CIO agent. They say her health deteriorated after leaks of ZBC employees WhatsApp chats which said “Mnangagwa is worse than Mugabe” came public.

The leaked chats published here few days ago shows state broadcaster employees hurling insults at President Mnangagwa and his workmates.

Sources say the late Makwanya was summoned by a senior government official over the leaked whatsapp chat.

Her condition reportedly deteriorated on Monday evening when she suffered a stroke, and she died at around 11:00pm at the West End Clinic in Harare.

What people are saying about her on whatsapp:

[12/03, 08:11] And this bullying towards other workmates at ZBC and from other publications was out of order, Judith aityisa. Am sorry for loss of life can’t be replaced. Many were stressed also by her actions and lack of respect for fellow colleagues. May her soul Rest In Peace. Munhu rega kunaka wafa

[12/03, 08:14] Wataura zvinonyarwa nevakawanda. I witnessed one young lady here being harrassed for standing in front of her and all she could say was “sori sisi”

[12/03, 08:15] Judith was a bully, selfish and terrorised journalists, ONLY grace Mugabe and her political party ideology matters most, even in her death some journalists are afraid of her, some even lost their jobs, she was a chief gossiper at pockets hill, I won’t shed a tear not even crocodile tears, mhrp, I forgave her, but I won’t forget

[12/03, 08:18You want people to say she was awesome? Let those who experienced other side tell you.

[12/03, 08:22] Speak for yourself brother, I did not mention zbc, I said JM, I was actually being diplomatic that woman was worse than that