Mob justice meted out on a Kwekwe man who allegedly raped a woman at a cemetery outside the Midlands mining town resulted in his death on September 11.

Darlington Munyaradzi Maphosa, who allegedly raped a 23-year old woman at a cemetery at Babcock compound in Kwekwe, was fatally thrashed with sticks by an angry mob and latter passed away while admitted to Kwekwe General Hospital.

It is reported that on 11 September at around 4.30 pm, a 23-year-old woman was fetching firewood near a cemetery at Babcock compound.

According to a source who spoke to the state media, the now deceased Maphosa spotted his victim before he ambushed her proxy to a cemetery in the area.

When she was passing by a cemetery, the source said, Darlington grabbed her before dragging her into the bush.

“He violently pushed her to the ground before he quickly undressed her and raped her once,” an unnamed source said.

It is further alleged that after committing the crime, Darlington freed the woman who went home and reported the matter to her brother.

The rape victim’s brother then teamed up with four of his colleagues and went to Darlington’s homestead seething with anger.

“They caught up with Darlington at his homestead. They took turns to assault him with sticks all over the body. After they were satisfied that they had meted out instant justice to the victim, they took him to a police base,” narrated the source.

Following the attack, Darlington sustained bruises around the neck swollen hands

“He also suffered a cut on the toes and injuries on the left ear and he complained of dizziness. He was rushed to Kwekwe General Hospital. Sadly, he died upon arrival”.

Subsequently, a report was filed with the police leading to the apprehension of the accused quartet.

“We are handling a case where a man was murdered after he allegedly raped a woman. As police we would like to urge community members not to take the law into their hands. If a person has committed a crime the community members should hand him to the police,” said Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko.

In a separate incident, a Shurugwi man from a village under the jurisdiction of Chief Nhema is on the run after he reportedly raped a mentally challenged woman.

The accused Jonathan Chidende is said to have lured a 37-year old mentally challenged woman to his homestead where he enticed her into his room before raping her once.

Chidende’s shenanigans were exposed after the sister of the rape victim spotted blood stains on her skirt.

“That worried her sister who then asked her about the blood and she revealed that she was raped by Chidende. She reported the matter to the police and the victim was referred to Shurugwi district hospital,” a source said.

state media
additional reporting: Zwnews