Saviour Kasukuwere and 50 roomed Glen Lorne Mansion

Saviour Kasukuwere, Zimbabwe’s local government Minister does not want any association with his Harare mansion located in Glen Lorne.

This comes after he told Travor Ncube that he is no longer associated with the said place and will give away ten herds of cattle if anyone would prove his ownership.

Kasukuwere has been fingered in a number of corrupt activities including land allocation to prophet Magaya and many others.

“My house is my house but this is not my house.”

 Kasukuwere challenged Ncube – owner of NewsDay, and two weeklies, Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard – to send his journalists to the Glen Lorne property to investigate the real owner of the property.

“If it is mine come collect 10 herds of cattle,” he added.

Sources say Kasukuwere used to live at the property but may have left due to media scrutiny in recent months