In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the Kadungure family has been struck by yet another devastating accident, this time claiming the life of Julie, sister to the late Ginimbi. The fateful incident occurred on Tuesday, in Mozambique, when Julie was one of the 10 passengers killed a bus accident while traveling from Malawi to Zimbabwe aboard a Trip Trans bus.

Anderson Kadungure, the father who had already mourned the loss of his son Ginimbi in a car accident three years ago, is now left pondering the cruel hand of fate that seems to continuously afflict his family. The news of Julie’s tragic demise reached him while he was attending a funeral for a relative on that sorrowful Tuesday.

Julie was one of over ten passengers who lost their lives in the harrowing bus accident. Anderson Kadungure initially received reports suggesting that his daughter had miraculously survived the crash, only to be later informed of her tragic passing. The heart-wrenching rollercoaster of emotions he experienced is unimaginable.

“I was attending a funeral at my mother’s village when I received a call around 8 pm. Neria later called me at around 11 pm, saying Julie had lost her hand in the accident. I couldn’t sleep and just wept. At around 3 am, I heard a knock on the door, and some women informed me that my daughter had passed away. Her husband arrived around 4 am, and we had a meeting,” Anderson Kadungure shared.

The entire Kadungure homestead in Domboshava was flooded with villagers, all sharing their condolences and expressing their shock and sorrow over the accident. They questioned the misfortune that seems to continually plague this family, asking, “Why always us?”

Noddy Kadungure, the family spokesperson, expressed the loss, saying, “We have lost a hard-working and loving sister.” Plans for Julie’s burial will be announced in due course, as the family deals with this unexpected tragedy.

According to a close source, Julie’s husband has appealed to the Kadungure family to hold the funeral wake in Domboshava, despite his own origins being in Shurugwi. This heartfelt request is a testament to the love and unity within the family during this trying time.