Renowned United Kingdom based lawyer and political analyst Brighton Mutebuka says for Zimbabwe to move forward everybody should accept the collective 2017 mistake that toppled late former President Robert Mugabe.

“In order to regain the initiative & extricate Zimbabwe from the brink of catastrophe where it is now, all Zimbabweans must collectively accept that they made a mistake in Nov ’17, including War Vets, Chiwenga, MID, the Opposition, ZANU PF etc.

“Then the dangerous work of dismantling “Veneism” must begin in earnest!

“If it was a collective effort to thrust him there, so it should be to bring him down. Extremely dangerous? Yes,” he says.

He adds that it is a national duty: “We do not exist on this planet to indulge another man’s folly & hold a whole nation to ransom.

“I don’t write recklessly. I merely seek to recognise the futility & magnitude of the crisis.”

Mutebuka adds that he finds it shameful & a dereliction of duty to say nothing in light of recent & previous developments.

“There’s no point in even beginning to contemplate this unless mindsets shift in
@ZANUPF_Official, @zanupf_patriots & all captured state institutions first!

“I refuse to accept that you are all blind or oblivious to what’s happening.

“The same way I write this is the same way that some of you took the plunge & left Zim to challenge Smith’s regime.

“Such a beautiful country we have. What was the point of dethroning Bob? You tell me,” he says.